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Subject: FLASH: Tip for make video in flash (such as jonninitro)
From: Andrea Rizzi
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 16:15:06 +0100

Hi flasher,
I've a good solution for produce a video such as jonninitro.
I produce a mini intro from an avi video (robroy.avi, a video for windows
present in W95cd)
I have used this program:
- VidEdit (for convert AVI video in DIB sequence such as
Frame00.dib,Frame01.dib ecc. ecc.)
- Paint Shop pro 5 (for batch conversion from DIB to TIF of all frame)
- Adobe StremLine 4.0 for conversion of TIF image to vector AI
- Macromedia Flash (with import function)

300 frame black/white 100k flash, dimensions (i dont remember sorry)

That's all
Andrea Rizzi

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