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Subject: Re: FLASH: Newbie Button Question
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 19:03:20 +0100

At 10:39 AM 5/31/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello All
>I have a question I can't seem to find an answer to in the documentation or
>samples. I have a button that changes on rollover. Once clicked I want it to
>stay on the rollover state, then change when another button is clicked. I see
>it everywhere but can't seem to make it happen. I can only think to set up
>another frame with a picture of the active button and set a go to onRelease
>but that seems an inelegant solution. There's gotta be a better way.
>Frances Santiago

Hi Frances,

This involves learning 2 Flash methods: use of movie clips, and use of
TellTarget. If you can, do some learning about these, using the manual and
web-based tutorials. When you're comfortable with them, you will understand
the directions we can give you on achieving the effect you want. Put
concisely, you will need the buttons (which may be invisible but will have
hit areas) to control movie clips (which will look like the buttons you
want). This cannot be done just within the button editing window because,
as you have discovered, the button reverts to the UP state as soon as the
mouse leaves the hit area.

Marc Hoffman

marcatdartfrogmedia [dot] com (mailto:marcatdartfrogmedia [dot] com)
Flash3 Portfolio: <http://www.dartfrogmedia.com/sampler>, featured
in Flash 3 Web Animation, by Ken Milburn.

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  FLASH: Newbie Button Question, Frances Santiago

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