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Subject: FLASH: OT...tactful wording
From: CarltheFish
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 01:15:52 +0100

How do you tactfully tell your boss and a coworker that the animation they
have created and wish to use on a web site is...uh...horrid. I would
describe it as being much like the old Ford intro, a perfect example of the
"bad" uses of Flash. I have posted it here, since seeing is the only way to
get the full effect of its "ugliness". They say they were going for a
futuristic look, I would call it the first grade art project look. <A
</A> <A HREF="www.geocities.com/turrentine_43081/newflashintro.swf">

</A>Even the preloader is nothing to be proud of. It is probably even
unnecessary, I just haven't been able to look in to all of the details, I
just know that this can not be posted on the web site.


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