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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash bitmap overhead question...
From: Sohrab Pirayesh
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 16:42:17 +0100

The size disparity is becaus eof flash using its own jpeg compression, which
is ratehr big in file size.

I had a similar problem. the total sum of my images was 150k, but flash was
making it nearly triple the file size.

I am not sure about your situation so i will explain to you what i did.

I went into photoshop and compressed all of my images ( as gifs) then i went
into flash and changed teh paths from the bmp images to teh new gif
images.then i set teh compresion setting of the image from jpeg compression
to lossless gif.

(simply go to you library slect the properties of the image and select
lossless gif from the pull down)

What this does is tell flash not to use its own compression and merely
output teh image you imported.

I hope this helps


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