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Subject: Re: FLASH: If frame is loaded2
From: Marc Hoffman
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 18:53:47 +0000 (GMT)

At 12:58 PM 11/10/98 +0200, you wrote:
>I tried the same way but it didn't work when I checked the movie with 'show
>streaming' (when all frames are loaded instantly, this works fine)
>>no problem with this at all. Example:
>>If Frame Is Loaded (frame: label_whatever)
>> TellTarget (/movieclip_instance_name_or_whatever)
>> GoTo and Play (frame: label_whatever)
>> End TellTarget
>>End If Frame Is Loaded
>>Marc Hoffman

Hi Markki,
As you're discovering, you cannot TellTarget a movie until it has loaded.
You will need to control the timing of loading movies, loading them at
times when the lower level movie isn't making big demands on the user's

Although you cannot TellTarget frames that aren't loaded, you can set
things up so that the higher level movie (the one that's being loaded by
level0) checks itself for If Frame Is Loaded. When the condition is met,
the higher level movie sends a message to the lower level movie (using
TellTarget). This message can prompt the lower level movie to send a
TellTarget back to the higher level movie, or it can prompt the lower level
movie to display a button that TellTargets the higher movie. This is a bit
convoluted, I know, but it's the method I've developed to let the level0
movie know when it's okay to target the higher level movie.

Marc Hoffman
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  FLASH: If frame is loaded2, Markki Piho

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