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Subject: FLASH: Flash3 Menu hit-state of button problem
From: Svoeveren
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 16:04:13 GMT


I'm rather new to flash and have to work with Flash 3 for some reason. I'am
working on a menu which controls a site with various html-files. Because
there is no hit-state for a button to appear in, I use the third position of
the button as a graphic. So it stay's like that when the url is loaded. I was
glad I could work that out. But then..

Is it true that there is no way to make that graphic clickable? No
actionscript, JavaScript, FScommand, frameproperty that can influence this
state? I have to know for sure, otherwise I have to make this menu in DHTML
instead of Flash. People want the menu to be clickable all the time (because
there are several levels where people can go to in the html-files of a
menu-item). If there is a solution to this, where can I find some examples?



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