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Subject: Re: FLASH: (OT) web design software for mac
From: Sarah Lamont
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 17:05:51 GMT

hi Angie,
I think that Dreamweaver is probably the best html editor out there, but
as someone who started web design on that program, I would have to say
the best way to do html is to just learn html. Dreamweaver is a very
good tool, but there are still many kinks in that program, and if you
don't know at least the basics of html, there could be bugs in your code
that you won't know how to fix. I think getting just the Visual
Quickstart book for HTML would be a good idea, I pretty much taught
myself html from that book, and I still use it as a reference now.
Hope I helped! :]

Angeline Geronimo wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Since all you guys know web designing, I would like to know whats the best
> software to use for HTML editing for macs and does not cost me an arm and a
> leg.
> Thanks!
> Angie

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  FLASH: (OT) web design software for mac, Angeline Geronimo

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