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Subject: RE: FLASH: Can you see the problem?
From: Eric Smollin
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 17:34:45 GMT

David Doggett wrote:

>Here is the code I have in a login button. I am trying to dynamically
launch the correct >url from a client login and all seems to work fine
except that when I login correctly I >get the first 3 urls from my external
text file opening so I have 3 new windows open.. Can >you see what might be

>Also, the variable totalclients is set to 2 in the text file.

>Thanks in advance.

>On (Press)
> Set Variable: "i" = 0
> Loop While (i<=totalclients)
> Set Variable: "i" = i+1
> If (loginpassword=Eval ( password&i ))
> Get URL (Eval ( url&i ), window="_blank")
> Go to and Play (Intro and menu, 1)
> End If
> End Loop
> Set Variable: "clienttext" = "Incorrect Password. Please try
> Play
>End On

Hi David,

I think your problem is that you are using = when you should be using the eq
operator. = is for numbers and eq is for text. I would change the fifth line

If (loginpassword eq Eval ( password&i ))

Good Luck

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