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Subject: FLASH: RE: John Croteau Book
From: J. Robinson
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 20:31:50 GMT

Hey thanks for the url -- great list. Much appreciated. You've piqued my
interest on John's use of ID. Thanks for the input. - Judy

>I haven't seen John's book yet, but I think nearly everybody here will step
>up and say that if 1/2 of what John contributes here and on his sites is in
>the book, it is well worth the money! Also, while it may seem that the
>concept of employing solid instructional design principles and effective
>curriculum is foreign to the Macromedia Flash manual authors ;-), it is not
>to John. From what I know of Mr. Croteau, he is particularly attentive to
>curriculum and offering "real-world" value through his examples- not just
>another book that says "this button does this, that button does that, here,
>make the cute little yellow birdie fly".
>There are no less than 8 books published or soon-to-be published right now:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: David Doggett
>> Yeah, The Flash 4 manual is o.k. for beginners but there is Jack out there
>> for advanced users other than downloading .fla's and disecting them...
>> Can someone comment on the level of these new Flash 4 books or
>> are they just
>> someone trying to make money of re-wording the Flash 4 manual and adding a
>> couple of their own examples in it?
>> -

J. Robinson
Center for Instructional Technology and Training
University of Florida
kayakeratufl [dot] edu

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