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Subject: RE: FLASH: Pop Up window ?? Alternative approach to executing FSCommand
From: Len Harrison
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 01:16:35 GMT

Self.close() is the script you want to execute. FSCommand or "Javascript:self.close()" in a url dialog is the way you want to do it. Previously posted caveats re' passing a "Javascript:..." code block within a URL vis a vis IE 3 apply.
I've been playing with an alternative approach to the kludgy "if (command==...) syntax or the slightly superior but less compatible switch statement within the FSCommand block. Instead of using the FSCommand procedure to parse a command and parm string, simply "eval(command)" and put all your code in the command section leaving the parameters list blank. Works fine in both browsers and eval is documented at least back to Javascript 1.1. Very good for passing through one liner Javascript commands. Works equally well with function calls.
In this case, put "self.close()" inside an FSCommand action for your button. In your host script where it says "your code here", put "eval(command)". No matter what else you put inside an FSCommand block anywhere in your movie, you don't need to change that part of your script.
len harrison
instructional designer
lenhatabtcorp [dot] com
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Subject: Re: FLASH: Pop Up window ??

Thanks Rusty,

But I dont think I asked my question correctly ...

My question....

I have a "Netscape window" - 300x300 in the window I have button that says "close" I want the button once hit to close the "Pop Up Window"... what do I do to the action attached the button that will close the "netscape window"...


  Re: FLASH: Pop Up window ??, Eric Nanni

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