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Subject: FLASH: Help me understand...
From: Brian Boyd
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 09:11:26 GMT

Tons of ideas and I am trying to figure out what I can and cannot do.

I decided to try something to help me understand flash's behavior as far as
symbols go.

I decided to attempt rain. I am hoping you guys might describe how you
would go about it.

I made a movie clip of one drop, its just a line that moves across the
screen. Would it be better to use a thousand instances of that clip for
every drop? Would it be better to use that clip to make another clip of a
number of drops, and then insert that as an instance?

What I ended up with looked ok. But my machine had a devil of a time
running it, SLOW!

The issue I am really wondering about is this. In the case where you have
an almost fractal type of animation ... is it better to use one instance a
thousand times, or 10 instances 100 times, or 100 instances 10 times?
Hopefully you can see where I am going. Anyway how does each effect files
size and playback? Does it effect each the same way? BTW my rain field was
a 2.6 megs fla file. I am trying to understand how to weight, machine
horsepower vs. streaming.

kyronatzonesys [dot] com

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  Re: FLASH: Help me understand..., David Gary

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