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Subject: Re: FLASH: get url and play scene?
From: David Gary
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 19:02:29 GMT

dylanatberlinprod [dot] com wrote:

> Does anybody know how to get a url containing a flash movie and load that
> movie starting at a scene other than it's first one?

action"goto and play" keyframe in the first frame of the first scene would do
the trick,
however I personally dont use scenes at all anymore unless absolutely
neccessary. They conflict with movie clips and tell target routines and
make a mess of complicated shematics.

I like to think of MC(movie clips) as scenes.

It takes most people to learn for themsenlves that scenes need to be excluded
from Flashx.x. Its a matter of mastering "tell target" and MC animation.

In short: DONT DONT DONT use scenes unless its movie "like" and theres no
interactivity involved. Note MCs use only the frames necessary for animation
and therefore when designed efficiently can cut down tremendeously on file



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