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Subject: Re: FLASH: get url and play scene?
From: David Gary
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 22:01:06 GMT

Judy Miller wrote:

> Dave wrote:
> > however I personally dont use scenes at all anymore unless absolutely
> > neccessary. They conflict with movie clips and tell target routines and
> > make a mess of complicated shematics.
> Dave, would you mind elaborating on this one a bit please??

If your using alot of MCs that communicate with one another and especially
with other
movie levels then scenes should be excluded in design.

Basically when you have a movie clip instance and you then change scenes,
in the new scene cannot talk to the same instance without the MC with the
same instance "resetting" itself or going back to the beg of it's own

Now if you going to discard the MC altogether and dont need it anymore or its
going to be used in the new scene then your usually ok, but the more frames
used on the maintimeline the more it chews up file size and if you can learn
tell target and how to communicate between MCs then scenes arent neccessary
and in the long run you can save alot of space.

If your creating sites that have different swfs on different levels then I
would advise
excluding the use of scenes altogether. The use of "load movie" is a powerful
in FLash3. If you going to go from flash file to flash file, forget "get url"
and use "load
movie". Of course this technique can get complicated and theres things one
must learn before trying this, like I always create my lobby level movie with
no graphics.
I call it COM.swf(Command center). It communicates with all my other movies
it will always reside on the 0 layer. John C. gave me alot of enlightenment
on this subject. "Get url" is easy and usually shows that the FLash designer
didnt do his homework. Its a lazy way to navigate your viewer in my opinion
and takes a helluva lot
more time to load. "Load movie" is the ticket when navigating from movie to
movie and keeping your audience asking' "How'd they do that".


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