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Subject: Re: FLASH: Languages (Was: Site test)
From: Ricardo Madrazo
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 16:59:42 +0100

>Well this is a bit OT but language is a very important issue for anyone
>involved in communication as most of us are, so we should care. I am
>aware France is active in protecting French and I feel it should, just
>like other countries do. Defence of language as a cultural identifier is
>gaining supporters and slowly the awareness that location exists in
>cyberspace is dawning on some of us even though this is mostly a non
>american stance.

While we're on this subject, I noticed that there was a French "get
shockwave" button on the site. I design Flash mostly in Spanish, so is
there a way one could obtain a Spanish "get shockwave" button somewhere? I
could make one in Photoshop, but I won't for two reasons: 1) I know
macromedia is very picky in regards to its standards, and 2) I want it to
look "official", you know, like the real thing.

Rosa Elizondo, your company distributes Macromedia in Mexico... can you
help me?


Ricardo Madrazo
Tecolote Digital
madrazoatel-tecolote [dot] com (mailto:madrazoatel-tecolote [dot] com)
(525) 530-1870
(525) 639-8460 fax

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