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Subject: Re: FLASH: Any progress on these? (OT)
From: John Dowdell
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 02:55:52 +0100

At 2:28 PM 9/29/98, Wayne Townsend wrote:
>Lingo is NO SuperTalk. In fact, some would argue that the basis of Lingo
>was given it's genisis in SuperTalk. The scripting looks awefully similar.
>;) And SuperTalk was there years earlier.

Actually, SuperCard first appeared in 1989, the same year that Director 2.0
introduced object-oriented Lingo. Previously there was a BASIC-like
scripting language in VideoWorks, but Lingo used SmallTalk on the back end
and HyperTalk on the front end as its inspirations.

Towards 1994 Lingo turned into a compiled scripting language (much smaller
than JavaScript) with a new object-oriented model (parent/child scripts),
and this was extended to drag'n'drop behaviors in 1997. It had the
object-oriented "factories" from the git-go.


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