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Subject: FLASH: possibly [ot]: installing flash 4 trial version for mac g4 (trying to, anyway)
From: a p r i l b i n g h a m
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 14:54:37 +0100

hi all,

not really a flash question, per se...

last night, i tried to download the flash 4 trial version. i have previously
downloaded flash 3 (several months ago on a different computer) with no
problems. however, the flash 4 trial just wasn't doing it for me. firstly, i
tried to download the 13mg .hqx -- near as i can tell (i was away at the
time), during the download it spontaneously aborted, and then began to
download another copy, because when i came back, there were 2 copies of the
.hqx on my desktop, both plain text files. i tried to unstuff both of
them -- they both gave me errors. the second copy gave me an error that said
something to the effect of 'cannot find first part of multiple part
archive'. the first copy gave me something to the effect of 'cannot unstuff
because file appears to be too short', then went on to either a 43 or -43
disk error (i can't remember exactly which.)

anyway, i thought 'no problem, i'll just download the 10mg .bin version.'
which i did. it unstuffed beautifully, gave me the installer on the desktop.
i installed it with no problems, then fired it up. it gave me the typical
trial version startup screen, with the 3 buttons -- buy now, try now, quit.
i hit try now. it quits. i fire it back up again. i hit try now. it quits. i
fire it up *again*. i hit buy now. it gives me the registration forms, etc.,
no problem. i cancel out of that and hit quit. it quits. so, it seems that
my trial version will sell me the full version or quit. hmmmm...quite a
choice. :)

anyway, any of you experienced problems like this? like i said, i had the
flash 3 trial, and never had problems like this! this is a brand new
computer (mac g4), so there aren't any inherent conflicts that i know of.

if anyone has any suggestions, i'd much appreciate it -- i've heard so many
good things about flash 4, i'm dying to try it! but last night was enough to
put *anyone* off the ol' computer for awhile...


april :)

a p r i l b i n g h a m
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

aprilatpulsefx [dot] com

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