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Subject: Re: FLASH: True 3d site (glasses and everything!)
From: james
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 15:40:40 +0100

So it's all just use of color, not even really
layering, offsetting, etc. I've noticed that viewing
other flash sites (with glasses on), ones with
rotations appearing around text seem to have somewhat
of a 3d effect, so this makes sense.

Cool - I'll play around with that technique a bit.

It just doesn't seem to have the major depth contrast
like watching the old jaws 3d or one of those where
things REALLY jump out at you and move toward you.

--- unique <uniqueatptd [dot] net> wrote:
> james wrote:
> > I'm curious how one could develop a truely 3D
> flash
> > movie that requires the glasses in order to see
> the 3D
> > appearance.
> >

> I found this on ChromaTek's site:
> "On a black background, red will appear closest,
> blue furthest, and the
> other colors will fall in-between according to their
> place in the
> rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue)."

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