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Subject: FLASH: Close Menu Items
From: Paul Kaiser
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 17:15:05 +0100

Howdy Gang,

I made some menu items and of course need a button the size of the movie
behind these menus to close them once I click outside of them.

I could put this "cancel out" button in every menu's movie clip, but lining
it all up would be a hassle.

My idea was to:
1. put one instance of this button in my main timeline
2. name each menu movie instance "menu" (all the same)
3. have the cancel button Tell Target "/menu" to go to frame 1 (the start
frame for the menus).

However, the cancelling out will only happen on the first menu in my main
timeline (i.e. "File") but not the second (i.e. "Edit").

The menu movie clips are on the same layer.

The Cancelling button is on a layer by itself behind all other layers in
the main timeline.

Any ideas?

Paul Kaiser

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