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Subject: FLASH: Playing UNTIL labeled frame
From: Deanna Doelitzsch
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 21:53:11 +0100

Just wondering how to play until the playback head has reached a particular
frame (calling it from a button). I need to do this A LOT so I can't just
keep checking in each frame... Is there anyway to this or something
similar? I saw the _currentframe command, but I didn't know if there was
anything similar to play until a label? Thanks.


P.S. What I am trying to do if anyone is interested...

I have a series of circles on a curved line (guide) They tween back and
forth on this curved line. Whichever circle is clicked -- depending on what
circle was clicked before -- the buttons tween along the path (either CW or
CCW depending on the direction) I have variables holding the button its on
and the button that is clicked and determining which way it needs to go, but
at first look, I didn't see an easy way to say,"Jump here and play until
this label."

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