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Subject: Re: FLASH: Importing gradients into Flash 5
From: John Dowdell
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 20:07:04 +0100

At 8:33 AM 9/27/0, Eoin Maguire wrote:
> I'm new to Flash and am trying to learn Flash 5 via online tutorials.
> One of these tutorials asks me to load a gradient into Flash. I've
> found the "Add Gradient" button but it does nothing! Any ideas?

Hmm, welcome, but I'm not sure which material is being referenced... 'scuse
me if I don't pick up the correct tack.

The Fill Inspector's "Add Gradient" command in the popup menu will save the
current gradient into your current swatch. (If you bring the Swatch panel
to the foreground then you can see the new gradient added.) This gradient
can then be applied to subsequent shapes.

You can save-to-disk and load-from-disk entire swatches of colors and
gradients through the Swatch panel's popup menu, but individual gradients
are saved to the current swatch, and you'd load a gradient into the
gradient editor by first selecting it in the current swatch.

This doesn't quite seem to match what I'm understanding a tutorial says,
but does the above context ring true with what you're seeing right now...?


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