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Subject: Re: FLASH: shared libraries + attachMovie
From: John Dowdell
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 20:36:21 +0100

I don't have a solid lead here, sorry... I know that attachMovie is an
advanced ability, and that it is described as requiring that the clip's
linkage be set to "exported" to guarantee that it's always in the file, but
I don't know whether it's intended to ever be available for a clip which is
explicitly *not* in that same SWF.

If you're seeing that dynamically assigning a clip to the timeline only
works if that clip is in the displayed SWF, then I'd tend to believe
that... one of my partners is working on a technote handling post-release
questions about shared libraries, and I'll pass this along, see if he can
get the definitive word from engineering for that future technote.


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