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Subject: FLASH: I need help please [was: problem using GetUrl with MSIE]
From: Didier GEORGES
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 08:47:19 +0100

hi again,

first let me apologize for double cross-posting this but i am urging to
understantd what appends and find a solution if any.

The problem is the following :

i cannot make GetURL to function properly with Windows IE 4 or 5 if i want
to get a page with a search string LOCALLY (because this has to be made from
a projector) :

1�) Get URL("page.htm?param=1") simply loads the page.htm without the search

2�) it works perfectly with Windows/netscape 4.x and Mac netscape and IE

3�) it works fine with IE when accessing an internet/intranet page (REMOTE).

4�) it works fine with IE when accessing a LOCAL page from another local
page with simple HTML <A HREF="page.htm?param=1">.

I have allready checked the target window and the GET/POST options...

Is this a problem related to Flash or IE ?

As Windows IE is the most used browser on this planet, i wont believe i can
be the only one concerned...

i have included in this message 2 examples (html and flash tests) to
illustrate, and will trully appreciate any feed back.

Thanks in advance for your help

dgeorgesatarawana [dot] fr

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