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Subject: Re: FLASH: output textfield size
From: Randy Kato
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 18:34:34 +0100


Doh! Of course! Paul's absolutely right.

We ran into the same problem and couldn't achieve it with Paul's method since
each word had to be its own MC (with a button), so I thought back to that and
completely missed this solution. Forget my previous post. This is your answer.


Paul Willoughby wrote:

> >>davo wrote:
> I need the output text field to be the length of the word and for the static
> text (the story) to continue on from the end and wrap down the page.
> I explained this pretty badly i think....I've done an example of what my
> problem is at
> http://davo.e.tripod.com/nowhere/test.htm
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Hi davo
> I'd love someone to tell me i'm wrong, but as far as i know you can't
> dynamically resize a text fields character capacity in F4 (does anyone know
> if you can do this in F5?). But there is a straightforard workaround for
> your problem. Basically, you should do the concatenation in a script instead
> of trying to do it directly on screen.
> Create a whole new string from the inputted variables via a holding variable
> and then put it all in one big text box (you could even get it to appear as
> if it's typing if you read my last post). So...
> User enters variables in frame 1, then...
> SetVariable: completeStory = "One day" & inputtedName & "slipped over on" &
> inputtedObject...etc etc.
> SetVariable: textField = completeStory

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  RE: FLASH: output textfield size, Paul Willoughby

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