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Subject: FLASH: Streaming sounds
From: Andrei
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 21:30:35 +0100

Hello Flashers ! please help me here , I haven't seen this problem discussed
before and I have no idea about it :

In my project for a musical group,I finished the main movie and now I want to
add a 'load movie ' action - a button that will call the second movie(which
contains a melody of the group) on level 1.This is a big swf so I want to show a
progress bar too. The only way to do that is using streaming sounds I guess. Ok,
my 2nd movie has the sound in the 1st keyframe set to streaming.Both movies are
at 24 fps. Here's the _PROBLEM_:
- the main movie has a good speed at the beginning and everything moves at the
speed I want. But if I click the button that loads the swf with the melody on
level 1 , after loading it , everything in the main movie moves faster..the
scrolling text can't even be read! I guess it's the feature of the graphics to
keep up the speed with the sync. sound ...but the streamed sound is in another
swf !!! that's why I don't understand ..

-also , I tried to load the 2nd movie in a 'mc' from the first(and I don't
get the speed problem,so this could be a way..) but this means that when the 1st
movie will go to another scene,the sound will stop ....so I have no idea...

Thanks a lot for any help !


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