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Subject: FLASH: Import Sound Problem
From: David Ellsworth
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 13:14:27 +0100

I captured a great QuickTime sound file that I wanted to include in my
personal site I'm developing in Flash 4.

Okay so I exported the file as an AIFF from the Apple QT4 player.

It's a big file at 18mb/44mhz/stereo, etc.

I try to import into the Flash fla file. Choke. An error message, somthing
generic but says Flash is low on memory (I had it at 40Mb or something).

So I increase the memory for the Flash App to 100Mb and try again. Same

I opened the same aiff file in SoundEdit 16 and do a save as.

Try to import again using the SE aiff file. Same thing.

Any idea what I should do here? The manual is no help other than saying it
should work. The VQS Flash for Windows and Macintosh also doesn't say much

I know somebody has figured this out because I've heard some great music
with Flash sites.

Can somebody get me on the track here?

Thank You!!!!!

David Charles Ellsworth
Web Developer/Producer/Explorer/Composer

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