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Subject: FLASH: width & height
From: kristoff
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 15:53:52 +0100

hi list

I'm kristoff and new here.
I have a question which I originally posted to the flash.macromedia.ng so I
apologize if you might have come across this already.

Thank you for any help.



hi all

I'm having some getProperty trouble, i'm afraid.

I have a other movieclip.
According to the inspector it is 108px wide and 45px high.

I set two variables to get the property of that movieclip. (objectW and

Two textboxes matching those variables are placed there as well.
It also includes a confirm button, as I should be able to change the size of
that mc through those textboxes.

At first sight I'd guess it works, if it weren't for the fact that the width
and height of that mc, showing in the T-boxes is wrong..
It says 112 and 49 by default.

Even more is that when I confirm that size without altering the values, the
mc shrinks to a even smaller size (while this should be larger).
Maybe I'm simply on a very wrong track here, but I at the moment, I wouldn't

To see what I'm talking about : http://www.kleurbeeld.be/temp/rotate.html
Hover the object to see the boxes - press C to confirm.

A fla with the same name is on that spot as well, in case you're interested.

thank you for any help, kristoff

. san630 - http://www.san630.com
. home - http://www.kristoffbertram.com

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