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Subject: FLASH: Flash and PHP
From: Hannes Wyss, ywesee
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 16:18:28 +0100

Hello everybody, hope you can help me on this one.

I have set up a Flash-File that is supposed to read out Database-Entries
(sorting function in column heads, all German I am afraid...)

The weirdness of the problem lies in the various behaviors of browsers on

Navigator on both Platforms:
Navigator 4.5 will not load the variables on loading the page, but
then - on clicking on the column heads - react nice and quickly

Mac: Explorer 5 will load the page and the variables,
but it obviously needs time to recover from the strain - it will
work fine if one is willing to wait a couple of seconds BEFORE
clicking or on double click of the column heads... it will also
refuse to reload for about 10 secs.
Explorer 4.5 will not load the variables at all.
PC: Explorer 5.5 will not load the page at all.

URL of the file:


(the running numbers in the lower left corner are the "i" counter of the
"base" movie - for my debugging needs...)

I have absolutely no clue where the problem could be - so I'd be grateful
for every suggestion. Thanx in advance!!


For the interested ones... Here's the script to it:

Frame 1 of _root and accordingly in the clolumn heads:
call ("/:LoadTitel");

Call-Action LoadTitel as an example:
tellTarget ("base") {
stop ();
duplicateMovieClip ("base", "loader", 1);
anzahl = 0;
eof = "false";
loader/:command = "list";
loader/:request = "uebersicht";
loader/:table = "vortrag";
loader/:bereich = "Familie";
loader/:search = "all";
loader/:sortby = "Titel";
loader/:target = 0;
loader/:notification = "/:List";
loader/:next = "Systeme.Familie.Vortr�ge.Menu";
tellTarget ("loader") {
play ();

Frame 2 of mc "base":
timer = "getTimer ()";
loadVariablesNum ("../php/mysql.php", target, "POST");
i = 0;

Frame 3 of mc "base":
if ((eval(target) add /:eof) eq "true") {
call (notification);
stop ();
} else {

Frame 4 of mc "base":
gotoAndPlay (3);

Call-Action "List":
counter = page*10;
i = 0;
while (Number(i)<10) {
set ("Feld_Titel_" add /:i, eval("Titel" add (counter+i)));
set ("Feld_Thema_" add /:i, eval("Thema" add (counter+i)));
set ("Feld_Datum_" add /:i, eval("gehalten" add (counter+i)));
maxpage = int((anzahl-1)/10);
if (page == 0) {
setProperty ("PageUp", _alpha, 50);
} else {
setProperty ("PageUp", _alpha, 100);
if (page == maxpage) {
setProperty ("PageDown", _alpha, 50);
} else {
setProperty ("PageDown", _alpha, 100);

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