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Subject: RE: UKNM: Incorrect Use of Client Reference Sites
From: Kirstie Hill
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 10:52:28 +0100

Duncan I owe you a beer !

It is quite disturbing that companies such as Zygon, and those that
other people have sited, are in fact publishing misleading information.
Yeah Ok they may have had some involvement with the company. In Zygons
case it was simply the fact that they had placed a sales call with
someone at Thomas Cook !! Hmmm, perhaps if they had supplied
sandwhiches the link would be less tenious !

I am shocked at the audacity of some the companies you guys have
mentioned, but as it has been pointed out, when it comes to a serious
pitch these two bit cowboys will not have a leg to stand on. It is just
very frustrating to see another company claim to a web site which has
taken months of hard work and sweat to develop.

I guess there is no answer to this problem, companies like this will
continue with their bare face lies, however, I do believe it is to our
benefit to show these companies up for the frauds they are !!!

Lecture over !!! :)
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> Subject: Re: UKNM: Incorrect Use of Client Reference Sites
> We mustn't jump to false conculsions about Zygon. Just because they
> don't
> say anything about the work they've done, and just because Thomas Cook
> haven't heard of them, doesn't mean that they haven't done some work
> for
> them. For all I know they might repair their printers, or, more
> likely,
> provide a lunchtime sandwich service.
> Actually, this kind of nonsense really irritates me, so I grassed them
> up to
> Universal's MCA Music and Xerox, the other fraud victims.
> I did find a genuine Zygon client called Greyfriars Glass & China, but
> their
> site looks like it was designed by a bunch of talentless charlatans.
> Kirstie Hill wrote:
> > Just wanted to check with you guys to see if you'd experienced the
> same.
> >
> > We have recently found a number of web development companies who
> have
> > been listing reference sites within the clients sections of their
> web
> > sites, but actually not having done any work for them at all. A
> classic
> > example was http://www.zygon.co.uk, where they listed Thomas Cook
> (one

> > of our clients) as theirs. We talked to TC and they agreed with us
> in
> > the fact that this company had never, done any work for them at all.
> TC
> > investigated this further and Zygon have now agreed to take the
> > reference out. In fact the only reason it was there was because
> Zygon
> > had placed a sales call with Thomas Cook !! I am appalled that
> companies
> > like this are getting away with it, and I wondered if anyone else
> had
> > experienced anything similar ?
> >
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> >
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