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Subject: UKNM: The Do, The Invite...
From: Sam Michel
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 13:26:39 +0100

It's getting close now, 5 days to go to the first ever UK-Netmarketing
get-together. Over-hyping? Moi? Don't know what you mean...

The details:

DATE: Thu 9th April
VENUE: Jamie's, 74 Charlotte St. - Basement bar
TIME: 7pm onwards...(bar's open 'til midnight)

You're all invited and it would be extra-specially good to see some of the
out-of-London members of the list. To get an idea of numbers, can you send
an email (no actual words necessary) to:

uknm-doatchinwag [dot] com <- look, it even has its own email address!

Our friends at Real Media <http://www.realmedia.com> have volunteered to
help us prop up the bar by providing a few beverages to kick the evening
off - so if you seen them around, be nice, have a chat, take in all the
info on their posters, buy their ad server/media, etc.

A quick word on whose invited: well, everyone from the list. I don't think
there should be restrictions on folks coming along, but please don't go
overboard. The idea of this is for everyone to meet-up, have a natter about
work (for a while anyway), chill out, and take advantage of the fact that
there's a long weekend coming up and there's no work the day after!

Any problems/suggestions/excuses for not being there, please drop me a line.

In the meantime, hope you had a top weekend.

Toodle Pip

Webmedia Group, 21 Noel St, London, W1V 3RD
T: 0171 494 0812 F: 0171 434 1304 E: samatwebmedia [dot] com
ICQ Pager: 4561042
Webmedia: http://www.webmedia.com
ShockeR: http://www.shocker.com

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