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Subject: RE: UKNM: recommended web-fax facilities?
From: Matt Morrison
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 15:54:06 +0100

If you don't mind Demon sponsoring your faxes (and sending branded
messages to your audience), take a look at http://www.tpc.int/
Assuming the fax machine is in London (171) England (44)
Just set the mail address on the form to

remote-printer [dot] at44171 [dot] iddd [dot] tpc [dot] int (mailto:remote-printer [dot] at44171 [dot] iddd [dot] tpc [dot] int)
Where ATTN_NAME is the name of the person you want to send it to
(underscore = space) and FAX_NO is the fax number with no spaces.

Demon offers it as part of a recruitment drive: last time I contacted
them, they weren't open for sponsorship of the service.
Mat Morrison
BMP interAction
+171 258 4349
mat [dot] morrisonatbmpinteraction [dot] com (mat [dot] morrisonatbigfoot [dot] com)

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> Subject: UKNM: recommended web-fax facilities?
> Can anyone recommend a solution for sending web forms as faxes?

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