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Subject: UKNM: Moving sites from server to server and translation
From: Chetan Damani
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 15:26:28 +0100

Hello I am fairly new to the group, and I have been silent for some time I
thought I would give a brief overview of what Imano do before I put my
question through.

Imano develop in ASP and VB we develop sites, pages, applications and
components for Media companies and IT departments. All our stuff is for the
Internet or Intranet we also create bespoke applications that link to the
web or link from web to backend.

We are looking for a company which can help us move sites from UK servers to
Norwegian servers - we use the CONTENT REPLICATION TOOL at present to
distribute sites from our servers to our clients servers. But we need a
company which can do all that for us..... can you recommend anyone

..we also need some one who can help us convert our pages to Norwegian and
Belgian our stuff is in ASP.

Basically What we want to do is find a company which sets up web servers or
Intranet servers for media companies... including setting up web sites for

PS - if anyone needs any ASP developement or Site Server / Personalisation
server set ups if you require ASP components - UNIX databased sites to NT
conversions...please call

Thankyou in advance

Chetan Damani - Chetanatimano [dot] com
Imano - Intranet & Internet applications
T - 01923 210631 F - 01923 818219
ISDN - 01923 223731 W - http://www.imano.co.uk

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