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>Maybe this is the microequivalent of the end of the Jurassic period... I'd
>love to be able to identify the precipitator. It will be interesting to
>see who comes out of the end of this - and what alliances are going to be
>formed in order to allow the real talents to continue in the business...

I think that it's a sign of a market growing up. Web design companies
can't live on promises anymore - they have to be profitable. What's more
they have to be very good at adapting to a rapidly changing business
environment. Clearly I don't know the specifics, but my guess is that for
many of these recent failures an inability to change the way they pitched
for business and delivered projects was at the core of their problems. I
look at Headland and see that by necessity we are practically a different
company to the one we were a year ago - difference working procedures,
different team structures, different "products" and so on. It's genuinely
tough to work in this way, but I think that it's this ability to change
in response to an evolving medium that will be the measure of success in
this industry.


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