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Subject: Re: UKNM: Indexfinger
From: Ben Thompson
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 18:22:54 +0100

Personally, I think it has more to do with the time of year. It's the end of
the tax year so many people are looking at past performance prior to the
lean months ahead (after all how much of the web is going to be World Cup

Actually, bar Indexfinger (which I know nothing about, so cannot comment)
most of the recent companies that have gone, have gone for pretty obvious
reasons (i.e. spending more than they were earning). The reasons why
companies do this are numerous but for every firm that is successful with
this technique at least one will not be.

I have to admit that I have thought about this quite a bit this week (what
with TeamManager's Falco venture with NTK) along with the fact I knew people
at both Lowe's and WebMedia . The simple fact is that in both companies it
was fairly obvious something was not quite right. If you know what you are
looking for, signs of potential disaster are instantly recognisable. In many
ways I'm sure clients can recognise such symptons and make allowances for it
in negotiations (under the basis, well they need cash, so we'll start
negotiations at half their quote (and yes, I can think of examples)).

Oh and the reason for Team Manager: Falco. That's simple, by storing the
information without revealing it I can ensure Dan Sumption or someone else
doesn't bankrupt / libel half the industry overnight (as Revolution's Stovin
Hayter will no doubt claim). It might not be in the best taste, but until
the Industry Shakedown finishes (and it will probably not finish for another
year) a rumour / gossip area is required and, if people follow the Falco
rules at least no harm can be done.

It might seem strange to many, but such a gossip magazine for the industry
existed in the pre-Web (1990-92) days. (Unfortunately I cannot remember its
name but from what I remember it contained mainly gossip and job adverts).
Strangely enough, after a special request we will be offering FREE
recruitment advertising from early next week. More details about that on
Tuesday when I grab the advert engine from my store of finished web


Ben Thompson
0976 583846

Fancy your own Fantasy World Cup League


  Re: UKNM: Indexfinger, Jonathan Beverley

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