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Subject: UKNM: Re: UKNM Digest V1 #173
From: Kate Worlock
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 11:53:17 +0100

I'm not sure how many of you would be interested in this, but it is a free
event, and the location is meant to be great! Please e-mail me off list
(kateatepsltd [dot] demon [dot] co [dot] uk) if you would like any further information.

Eastern and Western Europe:
Collaboration in Developing Interactive Media Products
Lake Balaton, Hungary, 9-11 May 1999
This event is designed to enable Eastern and Western European developers
of interactive media products to meet and find partners for projects which
could benefit from funding from the EC's Fifth Framework Programme. With
over 50 attendees from Eastern European developers already confirmed, this
is a major opportunity for organizations from Western Europe to identify
potential business partners in a charming location conducive to relaxed
and informal discussions. Highlights of the event include:

** Keynote Speech: Esther Dyson, Interim Chairman of ICANN, the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

** Opportunities for each organization to be present their principal
products/services, summarize key competences/skills, describe
collaborative experiences, and state key area(s) in which they would like
to find a collaborative partner

** Case histories of relevant projects/examples of excellence

** Presentations from European Commission representatives to outline what
forms of funding may be available

There is NO CHARGE to attend this event!!! Delegates need only pay for
their fare (approximately UKP250 for an apex return London/Budapest) and
accommodation, for which a very favourable rate has been negotiated
(approximately UKP30 per night). All meals are included.

More information and a registration form can be found at www.osi.hu/ep/im99


Kate Worlock
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Tel: 0171 837 3345
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URL: www.epsltd.com
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