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Subject: UKNM: Java Banner Game and Nostalgia
From: Sam Michel
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 13:25:17 +0100

You have probably seen this, but here goes...

Wired News' homepage features, what I think, is a rather groovy banner, a
Java breakout game emphasising their involvement in the Internet with the
tag line "we put the dot in dot.com" or words to that effect. Check it out,
it's neat:


Now, I'm having an internal tussle on this one. Is it a good ad or is it a
good gimmick, which will win awards but get ignored? I played it the first
time, but I'm not sure I would again. As an ad on it's own I don't think
it's bad. It looks like it's frequency capped to one view per person, which
makes sense.

What particularly interests me is that people are still quoting the example
of Hewlett Packard's banner ad game that used Shockwave for a simple pong
game. That must have been nearly 18 months-2 years ago and it's still cited
by some as an example of rich media. So few people are using rich
media...too much production cost for value gained? Could this be why it's
only high tech advertisers with budgets to burn who are trying this out?

More interestingly, is this years banner phenomenon the ecommerce banner?
Anyone see one in recent times?

Toodle Pip


P.S. This is a terrible plug and I'll hope you'll forgive me (disclaimer: Popcorn pays
my rent), we're running a competition to win 2 tickets to see Star Wars in NYC,
plus a charity auction (profits to Kosovo appeal) tomorrow, I thought folks on the list
might be interested.

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  Re: UKNM: Java Banner Game and Nostalgia, Chris Heathcote

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