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Subject: UKNM: News in a box
From: Nick Gilbert
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 18:57:58 +0100

Hi all,

Not sure what the deal is on self-publicity on this list, but I'm sure
I'll find out soon enough ;-)

We recently launched a news engine, NewsNowDirect, that generates custom
news feeds from more than 400 news sources. Though the headline links are
generated by NewsNow's database, they meld seamlessly into any web site,
providing a continously updating news service and a far less expensive
alternative to traditional news distributors such as Reuters and PA. There
are hundreds of topics to choose from such as sport, property, personal
finance, tax, Y2K, online marketing, advertising etc...

I'm interested to get some feedback on whether this would be the sort of
value-added service some of you would be interested in.

Go to: http://www.newsnow.co.uk/info/Reseller.htm for more info.

Kind regards,

Nick Gilbert
NewsNow Publishing
Tel: 0171 720 2727

Find out how to get a customised newswire on your site

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