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Subject: Re: UKNM: Spidering frames
From: jim smith
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 12:27:52 +0100

At 7:01 pm +0100 on 28/4/99 you said:
>> Yes! And at the risk of repeating my point, there is no adequate solution
>> but to drop frames from any sections of a site you wish to be spidered.
>> Anyone disagree?
>Aha, I caught myself agreeing with Ray earlier but can't pass up this
>opportunity to return to normality...
>Well, if you have a very, very cunning database driven site, you
>could proably build a spiderable version of it which didn't have
>frames, for arachnid consumption.
>The kind of interesting extra that clients always want when you
>mention it, but often won't want to pay for. Fun to do as an
>intellectual challenge ;-)

you can make a page from within a painset load the whole frameset with a
*really* trivial piece of javascript.

but you shouldn't, really, you shouldn't...

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