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Subject: Re: UKNM: Banners? Wot banners?
From: Tim Ireland
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 19:27:25 +0100

Lets ignore my (well-known) opinion that banner advertising is overrated for
just a moment.

I agree with Ray's points here regarding the difference between saying and

>There may be a group of ABC1s who _say_ they will avoid
>print/TV advertising but that is a long way from actually avoiding it. A lot
>of ABC1s are afraid to admit that they watch Coronation Street, like to read
>the Sun (when the pick someone else's up on the train) and in many cases
>actually enjoy TV ads - at least the ones that are done well.

Added to this is the subconscious fear that they may be missing out on
something. Ray's comment about TV advertising also suggests one way banner
advertising can adapt to survive (but my opinions on creativity and
entertainment value are also well known, so I'll shut up about this now). I
will say, however, that a few more competitions and freebies running through
banner ads might increase the fear of 'missing out'.

That said, the hardcore guys are *much* less likely to respond to a banner
ad in the first place, so their loss from the marketplace will have a
minimal short term impact - *but* measures do have to be taken to stop the
practice from spreading. Once software is used by a few people, the bugs get
worked out, then a new version comes along that's easier to use, then

Tim Ireland
Senior Copywriter
Email: timatdesignercity [dot] com
URL: http://www.designercity.com

PS - Hey, whatever happened to that VCR that could tape a program and edit
the ads out?
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