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Subject: Re: UKNM: Dot Com Fever
From: Speechrad
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 13:38:08 +0100

You make some excellent points james, I'd just add to your point 4

In a message dated 11/04/00 11:14:40 GMT Daylight Time, jamesatbdmedia [dot] co [dot] uk

<< 4) my own view is that the only true e-business propositions are those
that couldn't have happened without the communications infrastructure
and universality that the common standards and worldwide reach of the
internet has given us. That's the challenge.

Or whose business is completely tranformed into electronic means -
information and entertainment providers can and do 'provide' now. * e- *
change their businesses so that *potentailly* they can access more clients,
customers, viewers, listeners etc than now *eventually*. However, it will
take time, two thirds of the world's population have never used a telephone.
There may also be a good market for those that don't go 'e-', probably
dealing with wealthy customers or those who are extremely poor.

Hand crafted goods sold only at exclusive real world outlets and door to
catalogue sales of goods at high margins to those who the e-banks deny bank

It is not essential for everyone to go 'e-' there are plenty of people who
will be able to make a living for the duration of their lives without doing
so. Some may never go 'e-', some trades, services or professions may
disappear altogether because there simply is no market for them.

Predicting that something will happen is a dangerous game. Mobile phones
might be made illegal if the health scares turn out to be true.

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