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Subject: RE: UKNM: simple, clean, fast
From: Vincent O'Keeffe
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 21:48:49 +0100

> raising my head above the parapet, i nominate
> www.byliner.com
> as an example of the kind of simple, clean, fast web design
> that should
> maximise user retention and repeat traffic on almost any site

Sure, it's a lovely, super-fast design but the first thing that struck me
was the lack of contextual support. You get presented with a huge list of
writers and, unless you pore over the by-lines of articles that you read,
you have no idea who these people are or who they work for without clicking
through. it would be smart to add a field on the writers page that
references the publications, at least. Also, a quick hunt for Jakon Nielsen,
John C. Dvorak, Jerry Pournelle and Mark Frauenfelder, proved fruitless.
Still, you're right, nice design and it does have potential.

I think that the kind of design you're talking about is an important element
of building customer loyalty but, for me, the key differentiator are those
sites that create an outstanding user experience that supports user goals
every step of the way so that they're almost scarily thoughtful - ref Amazon
and Peter Merholz's work on Epinions.com.

While we're on the subject, before you go reducing the corporate home page
to pure HTML and coloured table backgrounds, have a look at your information
architecture and the task chains on your site. Jared Spool has found that
users perceive speed based on the overall speed of their information
retrieval / goal attainment. A study he did comparing Amazon (36 second
homepage download) versus About.com (8 seconds) showed that users believed
Amazon was quicker because they were able to complete their overall
objectives faster. So do up some user scenarios, re-examine your navigation
and labeling, and think about adding some contextual support text before
breaking out the Debabelizer. Note to designers: This does not entitle you
to go nuts with Kai and then blame the information architect :-)

Vincent O' Keeffe
Mersault*Thinking - http://www.octagon.ie/mersault/index.htm

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