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Subject: Re: UKNM: "cybersquatter"
From: Speechrad
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 10:42:09 +0100

In a message dated 18/04/00 17:12:21 GMT Daylight Time,
lbunderatinfospace [dot] co [dot] uk writes:

<< Should a
generic sounding name such as United.web go to United Airlines or some SME
business called United Consulting????

Guess it will be a matter of first come first served.


You've got the same problem with Limited Co's. The first to get there grabs
John Smith Ltd or whatever. The difference, of course, is that Companies
House make it difficult to register speculative names - once registered you
need to spend money and produce accounts.

Registering domain names is too easy to do and it's too cheap to maintain
name. You have to do nothing to retain the name except pay about 5 a year.
The difference between Ltd Co's and web domains is that at start up the name
is important as a marketing tool, you can achieve in days what might take a
lot in the traditional economy. Apart from this 'instant branding' there
seems to me to be very little advantage to the easy registration system.
I guess it will all resolve itself by the proposed Directory System'. If it
does not change I personally think that names could be restricted to
registered company names xyz.ltd xyz.inc xyz.pty xyz.plc depending on local
terminology or xyz.int (if they fit the rules for International companies)

The advantage for customers and clients would be that you would know that
company had been through some refgulatory process.
Individuals could be allocated domains using their name and some other
identifier or entered into a directory.

Of course local registration blows a hole in the global economy concept,
which to some, may be another advantage.

Before Ray or anyone else starts screaming, I should say that I'm not that
convinced of the practicability or desirability of my own suggestion.

Personally I have enough imagination to think of a different domain name if
the one I want has gone. I avoid just sticking in punctuation and I'd never
pay a ransom to a cybersquatter. The only disadvantage is that I have to
register both the .com and the .co.uk versions to avoid some cybersquatter
pratt with no imagination taking the complementary name.

If someone else wants speechradio.it or .nz or .eu that's fine by me, we
produce spoken English language content and aim for the UK and US market.

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