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Subject: UKNM: RE: UKNM Digest V1 #464
From: Simon Stokes
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 12:22:48 +0100

Subject: We have the rights to davidcoulthard.co.uk. Any offers?
> Why on earth he thought I might want it is anybody's guess.
[Darren [dot] Wallaceatginger [dot] com]

You could always buy it then change your name by deed poll (as the Kiwi guy
who is stalking Oxford University has done - registered
oxford-university.com (I think) then posted hate stuff onto it. Then when
Ox Uni sued for the URL, he changed his name to Mr Oxford University.

A useful lesson on URL registration 'could' be learned from the mobile
telecomms licence auctions taking place by the UK govt.
Make all the (new/remaining) names available on an auction basis (monthly)
and then you bid for them...except the bid could be based on a number of
factors - eligibility (scored), price offered (scored), then intended use
(tiebreaker!), etc. And you could only bid for one URL at a time.
This should ensure that the most eligible get the right name.
And the extra proceeds (from larger organisations paying higher market rates
to secure their names) could go to charity.
And cybersquaters could be outed and struck off future bidding.
(Come to think of it - why don't Companies House / trademark registers offer
URL registration as part of the registration service for businesses/formal
organisations. Non-businesses could do what they like - as they do now.)

Conversely, this idea also sounds like management of oil supply and that's
worked out well for the consumer, eh?

Okay, it's not perfect .. and I'm not volunteering to manage it but surely
the registration industry (currently in a hyped-up, over-paid feeding
frenzy) has grown out of first-come, first-served.

Enough mental-skipping-in-the-daisies! Over to you to sort it out...

Simon Stokes
TEAM LGM marketing communications

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