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Subject: UKNM: no such thing as a free WAP phone
From: Amy Vickers
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 12:24:21 +0100

I keep coming across a spam mail from Ericsson offering free WAP phones if
you spam 20 friends, and cc the mail back to ericsson (see below)

only, the address given: Anna [dot] Swelundatericsson [dot] com, supposedly in the
marketing department of ericsson, bounces and the message returned directs
the user to a spam site.

i know this has been going for at least a month now, but does anyone know if
it actually started off as kocher or has it always been complete and utter

<<< amy vickers <> new media editor >< the-bullet.com <<<
<<< 020 7300 7255 <> fax 020 7300 7256 >< moby 07801 254054 <<<

Dear customer
> >Our main competitor, Nokia, is giving free mobile phones away on the
> >Internet. Here at Ericsson we want to counter their offer.
> >So we are giving our newest WAP-phones away as well. They are specially
> >developed for Internet happy customers who value cutting edge
> >technology.
> >By giving free phones away, we get valuable customer feedback and a
> >great Word-of-Mouth effect.
> >All you have to do, is to forward this message to 8 friends. After two
> >weeks
> >delivery time, you will receive a Ericsson T18. If you forward it to 20
> >friends, you will receive the brand new Ericsson R320 WAP-phone. Just
> >remember to send a copy to Anna [dot] Swelundatericsson [dot] com
<Anna [dot] Swelundatericsson [dot] com (mailto:Anna [dot] Swelundatericsson [dot] com)> that is the only way
> >we can see, that you forwarded the message.
> >
> >Best of luck
> >Anna Swelund
> >
> >Executive Promotion Manager for Ericsson Marketing
> >Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Reproduction,
> >transfer, distribution or storage of part or all of the contents in any
> >form without the prior written permission of Ericsson is prohibited
> >in
> >accordance with the following terms. Ericsson consents to you browsing
> >Ericsson World Wide Web pages on you computer or WAP-phone and printing
> >copies of these pages for private use only

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