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Subject: UKNM: Archbishop of Canterbury talking out of his arse dot com
From: Andy Proyer - Netsite Ltd
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 17:56:32 +0100

Was anybody else extremely pissed off at the Easter speech from the
Archbishop of Canterbury that basically said that we're all a bunch of
good-for-nothing materialistic greedy bastards?

Money, power, success and fame, said Dr Carey, were only "transitory, paltry
things" associated with our "dot.com society" when compared to "ultimate
things of the Spirit".

Now I don't know about you lot, but I work at least 70 hours a week and get
paid less than most of my mates, as do the other people running Netsite. We
plough all of our spare energy, time and money into building the company
into something special and unique, and so it's a bit disappointing when some
judgemental old fuck comes along and slags you off for it.

Especially since he only works Sunday mornings and probably gets paid loads

Him and his ilk are the reason that the only Spirit I have is a wee dram of
Bushmills to try to make those sleepless nights a bit easier to cope with.

Anyway, anyone know any good designers who want to work in Kent?

Andy Proyer
Netsite Ltd
http://netsite.co.uk : 01634 296600

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