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Subject: Re: UKNM: Free Weekends Away !!!
From: Steve Johnston
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 11:00:45 +0100

There is something about this which really bothers me.

Okay, so its a crap offer, but it's still cheaper than paying for the room
_and_ the meals - wherever you eat. It is a genuine offer, using tried and
tested techniques to get people through Thomas Cook's books and get them in
the 'weekend away' frame of mind. Maybe they will book real fee-paying
holidays next time around. Business-as-usual says that the data culled from
such an exercise is fair game, providing the customer hasn't opted out.

In our precious networked economy we are saying that opt-in is the rule, and
dammit, I agree. And god forbid any fucker who emails me without invitation.
So this old Thomas Cook stuff has really had it. Simple. So what is the new

Oh I get it, its called permission marketing. Here you subtly change the way
you ask for the data - ' an explicit contract between the visitor and the
company ' - at which point the offer becomes utterly conditional on the
happy exchange of said data, on the understanding of the beneficial use to
which it will be put, with your permission.

Sounds pretty business-as-usual-with-a-bit-of-mind-fuck-thrown-in to me.

There is a change afoot and my balls tell me it ain't got much to do with


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On 26/04/00, at 12:11, Charles Linn wrote:

>Not a hoax, and as people have already said, you have to pay for the food
>the hotel, which is fine if you like the food and don't mind the rates.
>What interested me was the DPA opt out - as in none! I find it very
>irritating not to be given the choice to say 'no thanks' to carefully
>spam. I will say no anyway as a separate email in the 'please take me off
>your list' vein, and hope this works, but it makes the company seem kind of
>sneaky and makes me suspicious which may not have been the feeling that
>were hoping to engender.
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