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Subject: UKNM: Thomas Cook
From: Melanie Rumsey
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 18:26:56 +0100


I think you're friend Beren may just have been
'Gollumed' (sorry I'm a Lord of the Rings Hippy too)

A few people at my company all registered for the free
weekend break - yeah we know you've got to pay for the
meals but the way I figure you have to eat - So far
we've all received a confirmation e-mail and a few of
us, though not everyone, have received a hotel booklet
in the post. Maybe your friend should re-register?"


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Sent: 27 April 2000 16:11
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Subject: UKNM: Thomas Cook & DPA

my friend Beren (erm, his parents were Lord of the
Rings hippies) registered
for this a few weeks ago - no confirmation after
submission, no further
contact from Thomas Cook whatsoever, and certainly no
"free weekend break"
offer - erm. . . .

however, he was surprised to receive his first ever
junk mail from AirMiles
this week - i wonder whether the 2 can be related.????

i watch my postbox with baited breath. . . .let's hope
the dp registrar
isn't reading this list. . .


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