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Subject: Re: UKNM: Archbishop of Canterbury talking out of his arse dot com
From: Mike Butcher
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 07:16:01 +0100

Quentin I have never met you and I apologise if this is offensive, but this
is one of the most the most simplistic, and fucked-up opinions I have ever
read. The kind of thing that gets touted in university halls late at night
- but at least drunk students have an excuse. I didn't take much interest
in the cleric's address, but it seemed he was questioning the age-old
obsession with money (read 'fast-buck IPOs'), and, er, that's it.

Discussions about the cultural effects of the internet industry seem
perfectly valid for this list, and it's accepted that the bullshit quotient
can hit a crescendo now and again, but can we get back to some more
relevant topics, at least to the list?

I'm with Tim Heyward when he posted:

>I just can't wait till he does the one about chucking money lenders out of
>the temple to an audience of VCs. It's enough to make you want to go to


>Quentin Langley <qlangleyatyahoo [dot] com> wrote:
>One group of people earns its living by offering
>others goods and services in voluntary exchange for
>money. Another group earns its living by demanding
>that productive people make "donations" to them and
>promises an eternity of torture for those that don't.
>Then the second group claims moral superiority not
>only to organised crime and to terrorists - whose
>punishments at least stop when you die - but to the
>productive people in the first group. I suppose it is
>the Goebbels philosophy of the big lie.

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  Re: UKNM: Archbishop of Canterbury talki, Quentin Langley

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