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Subject: No Subject
From: Carl Christensen" (by way of Sam Michel)
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 09:55:38 +0100

<samatwebmedia [dot] com>)
Subject: UKNM: BarclaySquare - from bad to worse ?
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BarclaySquare can't get the tenants, so they create some of their own

The latest site rejig at www.barclaysquare.com has
some new tenants :-
On-line Hi Fi Store
2001 Domestic Appliances
Discount TV and Video

Hardly household names, and no wonder - they are all facades owned entirely by

Are Barclays re-inventing their business model and becoming the retailer, much
like the Sainsburys and Tescos of this world dabbling with banking, or have
they just got it hopelessly wrong ?

Behind-the-scenes fulfilment of the TVs and fridges is handled by
<http://www.hed.co.uk/>Home Electrical Direct (HED) whose helpline operator
(0870 6060290) confirmed that "BarclaySquare *is* the merchant and takes the
money - they just choose to use HED for fulfilment."

Why partner with HED (�250,000 turnover last year)? It reeks of a last resort
- and Barclays loses out on price with HED whose own no-frills site at
<http://www.hed.co.uk>www.hed.co.uk focuses entirely on discount prices,
invariably cheaper than Barclays' three new facades

Barclays has been talking to major market-leading electrical retailers for a
long time, trying to get them onto BarclaySquare, without success. The major
retail brands simply don't need BarclaySquare.

You don't see any bank owning a shopping "mall" in the real world, and it has
always puzzled me what a bank is doing owning a virtual shopping mall. It is
one thing Barclays owning an online shopping mall, but selling fridges and TVs

Carl Christensen
Marketing Director
Domino Systems

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