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Subject: RE: UKNM: Banner creative etc
From: James Tarin
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 19:05:12 +0100

Well, just because they may have almost got you to click on them, does not
mean that they were good at building brand recall I would have thought.

Anyway, from my own point of view I can hardly remember any that really
stood out. There was one from Gateway that had a cow-patterned milk float on
it that really attracted attention, and conveyed some real benefits to the
customer, and even had a real call to action (I think it was reviewed in
your magazine).

I also remember a bunch of e-business banners from IBM, but cannot remember
what they said.

Trouble with banners is that the brain seems to become accustomed to
filtering out that image which is always of the same size, and focuses more
heavily on the information or content. That's obviously not to say that this
happens to everybody, or that I have any statistical evidence to prove this
- just anecdotal evidence.

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> Subject: UKNM: Banner creative etc
> Just re-reading some of the post-Yell awards postings and the debate about
> the lack of decent 'creative'.
> Kevin Moss, Incline Media said:
> "There are very few banner campaigns that stick out in my mind from the
> last year! anyone else?"
> ....and curiously received no group postings?!!
> What's going on? Someone out there must have come across some good
> 'creative' banners that cried out to be clicked on...what are the
> favourites of the year so far?
> Amy
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