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Subject: UKNM: RE: UKNM Digest V1 #49
From: Steve Miller
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 16:11:25 +0100

David (Bentley),

Thanks for those kind words (I'll ask Ivan for a pay rise). Sorry for not
getting back to you sooner - I'm on Sam's UKNM Digest, so I get all the
emails in one lump.

As to your question of whether I think that think that PR is a tactical
marketing tool which is there to get 'editorial space' even at the expense
of positioning? I would say that it all depends on the context. NetNames
sells Domain Names to a very wide range of people around the world, so I
tend to use PR as a broad marketing tool to try and touch the lives of as
many people as possible. If an individual purchases a Domain Name from
NetNames via a reseller, partner or direct from us as a result of reading a
story about our customised condoms being stolen from the Windows show; a
deal with MSN; or the opening of NetNames Australasia - I don't really mind.
I admit that if I had more time (if only), fewer other marketing tools in my
armoury (DM, SP, direct sales, web, Advertising, shows, to name just a few)
and a specific marketplace (e.g. Accountants), I would probably be more
specific about the use of PR. At the moment it is just great fun to blast
out a mix of good stories, and build the NetNames brand to a broad group
audience of individuals and companies around the planet.

As to your question about our association with the notion of 'Portals' - I
leave the Internet visionaries to discuss this particular angle. I really
need to get on and get NetNames to sell more product, and besides, I've got
a Monica Lewinsky/Domain Name press story to write ;-)


Its Miller Time!
Steve Miller: Marketing Director
Registering Domain Names in over 200 countries

180-182 Tottenham Court Road
London, W1P 9LE
+44 171 291 3905 (Direct) Mobile: 0467 456787

> Steve
> That is actually a very interesting case in point. I have been following
> the success of NetNames (not in-depth I might add) with interest.
> It would
> seem that with the launching of registry services in US (and Denmark) has
> started to push NetNames to the forefront of registry companies - I have

> notices NetNames in articles in The New York Times being refered to along
> side InterNIC etc... indeed there is some good marketing going on.
> However I have a question for you.... In your opinion do you
> think that PR
> is a tactical marketing tool which is there to get 'editorial space' (no
> matter what) even at the expense of positioning?
> >From the case study you have outlined here it seems that Wired
> picked up on
> an angle as they saw it (i have not read the article) and as it applied to
> their publication. Do you feel the angle that was then taken forward is
> beneficial , in the long run, to the success of NetNames?
> I for one am very suspicious of concepts of the moment - like 'portals'.
> To ally yourself with something which will soon become passe is
> perhaps ill
> advised. Everyone is a 'portal' and everyone wants to be a 'portal'.
> Surely NetNames is a service which can be franchised to portals - thus not
> actually being a portal - Perhaps that is the point of portal enabling
> tool...
> I haven't read the article, or any other articles on NetNames v portals -
> perhaps i am off on a tangent, but all views are welcome none the less
> David
> David Bentley
> Account Director, Interactive
> Anderson & Lembke, New York

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